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Quot;Cheetah” in the run 2007 Oulai Ke Facebook – Oulai Ke, water heater – appliances industry

2007 to sum up the year-end, find Oulai Ke was 200% sales growth in its “Archery” theory has become the fast water heater industry, the classic marketing strategy. Electric water heater with fast within the industry compared to other categories, Oulai Ke undoubtedly successful, only a short time of three years sales have gone through their course of development in recent years.

“The world is something easy to move, things become easy to be prepared.” In the market changing Oulai Ke, only keep up with the market forecast of the market looking to go top of the tide; only understand the product development direction, the better the quality, accelerating the run rate, improve and meet consumer needs, make a healthy bath pioneer status, as representative of modern life.

“Cheetah” in the run

From the company set up to now, only a few years time, but Oulai Ke has been maintained 200% growth rate in growth, is becoming the fast water heater industry leader in the field of health bath. The end of 2007, Ou Laike more than 20 provinces and cities in the country has broken the 1000 terminal network structures. What is the reason for Oulai Ke success? What factors make Oulai Ke fast as cheetah-like in the dash?

From industry, environment, fast water heater for its smaller and sleeker, faster than the storage-type heating rate, more secure than the characteristics of gas water heaters, water heater represents the development direction of the industry! Oulai Ke timely in the domestic power grids step by step process, the increase of fast water heater efforts to promote the project more quickly has been specializing in the production of Oulai Ke water heater created favorable conditions for development.

“Business success is reflected not only on the external environment of the powerful grasp, but also because their own ideas for product and brand marketing, the exact location.” Oulai Ke Fang Zhong electrical marketing manager pointed out that the price positioning in the high-end, will target consumer groups for middle and high spending power of youth groups, the sales channels located in the large cities in high-end consumer groups and market new real estate projects, so that Oulai Ke gradually do young people based on the consumer in the field of “boutique brand” strategy.

Fang Zhong said, to business operations, sales run can be seen as a “shooting” process, first of all have a goal, that is to be “flak”; followed by even have enough power, that is a “good bow “; the last gap in the market should also be a tool for tearing, a seminal called” sharp arrow. ” Only in this way, Ou Laike to go faster and more robust. Of course, the company picked the right direction, product technology research direction set down correspondingly.

Present, Oulai Ke product use the international popularity of faster heating, “British Grameen 800 heater” heating devices, greatly improving the thermal efficiency of water heaters, by rapidly heating cold water to ensure that hot water in 5 seconds out. Without water, without preheat, without thermal insulation, water heaters, and all-weather continuous supply of hot water heaters to meet the needs of consumers, while greatly accelerating the speed of running Oulai Ke sales.

“The world is something easy to move, things become easy to be prepared.” Experts believe that the market is constantly changing, only keeping the market forecast of the market looking to go top of the trend. In the “Archery” theory, occupy an important position, “marketing” as the rapid run Oulai Ke played a decisive role. As long as there is a place Oulai Ke product sales, not only occupy a prominent position, with a unified counter the image of professional quality sound Purchasing Guide (promoters), and high-grade terminal image and quality services and brands to customers was value for money for, and have wide confidence.

“Security” ranked No. 1

Often hear consumers that reflect the use of water heater less than a year, on account of body heat by scaling, corrosion and bad, life is difficult to achieve the water heater manufacturer said warranty period, consumers security can not be guaranteed.

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Quot;Fire Black files” of the three sites need remediation alarm – alarm – Security Industry

Fire access stalls for other purposes

Visit Location: Hefei City God Temple Market

Fire Black Archives: January 11, 2000, Hefei Lu Yang Palace Temple has occurred in particular Fire Disaster: 619 households affected business, a person burned alive.

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to the market in Hefei City God Temple, had just entered the Temple of the gate, we see the door pillar bears a striking Tips “smoking is dangerous to be fine.” Anqing Road along the entrance to the market to go inside, the reporter saw a lot of Business The goods placed on the roadside Jeeves business, making only 45-meter-wide road had become more crowded.

Reporter along a side street south of Lu Yang Palace inwards visits, found that street imports of only 2 meters wide and more going into it, the more narrow roads, which in most, only a half meter wide road, two people have to squeeze were to be adopted. Reporter noted that because most of the narrow road users Jeeves business operations, and which operated mostly clothing and flammable. In this street, the reporter also saw a male boss main suit smoking in the shop.

Told a business account managers often visit the market propaganda Fireproof Knowledge, especially in winter, should pay great attention to the fire, “the market back we made a fire extinguisher.” But at a press conference following the visit, but found that many tenants did not fire extinguisher on the store.

Part ” Escape Window “blocked site visit: a big market in Anhui

Fire Black Archives: August 6, 2006, Anhui big market for a house fire facade, living on the second floor of the three man Security Windows were sealed killed.

Yesterday morning, reporters came to Anhui big market. In the market, the reporter found a few at random shop asked what the fire of 2006, owners, without exception, all point to a channel near the door, “where three shutter facade was painted blue room, is the year fire place, it still preserved the way of fire. “

Reporter went to the blue facade was painted front of the house and found the second floor burned fried glass still not fixed, from the broken window, which can be seen faintly charred walls. The second floor of the security window is still being blocked with iron bars.

Reporter noted that at present, the walls of many shops have installed fire extinguishers. An employer told reporters he first arrived in the market to do business, the market management to talk about the tragedy that field, and “simply taught us how to fire.” But the reporter visited

found in many shops are still stuck on the second floor of the anti-theft window badly.

Fire cigarette butts everywhere Visit Location: Hefei Green Mall Fire black file: convicted of major fire hazards listed by the State Council supervision.

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to the Green Mall of the underground passage, find where a labyrinth, Environment Dark mess. The whole channel full of large and small billiards, table tennis room, dance halls and other places, there are several small restaurants, everywhere inside the channel placed at random Motorcycle , Electric cars, and even a lot of cars, if there is already become an underground car park. In a safe exit, the reporter found here stopped 67 motorcycles and electric cars, and some tables and debris, blocked the export of basic.

In addition, the reporter saw, channels such as the spider-like wires hanging a lot of wire aging badly damaged. But in this environment, there are several restaurants for cooking, gas stove and oven directly placed in the channel. The reporters also found that the channel has some fire damage facilities, many installed in the ceiling, automatic smoke fire alarm off down the thread directly exposed.

Gengrang’s surprise, in a dark passage, the actually stacked with a large sponge, sofa and other flammable debris waste. In many billiard room, the reporter could see was smoking customers, some people smoked cigarette after cigarette butts thrown on the ground at random.

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Quot;TM” sought after destination arouses concern about waste household appliances – appliance

“left the scrap business for appliances will flow Where? “Many are prepared to participate in

TM to

Activities of consumers questioned whether these waste appliances to be refurbished, or after being assembled into the market again?

Movement of waste household appliances arouses concern

Every city in Beijing, are scattered with some second-hand market, many of whom are a large number of second-hand home appliances, some from the outer look also belongs to new products, some vendors clearly told reporters that the surface appears to be new appliances, all through the assembly and refurbishment, the replacement for a shell


. Used appliances used for assembly of diverse origin, of which there are some from various supermarkets and other activities in the host after the TM to be discarded appliances cheap home appliances for sale to professional waste recycling company. Some vendors are purchased from recycling companies, after they discarded appliances during dismantling and assembling, but also continue to use the scrap parts for assembly of new products, and some parts have been damaged part was sold to other


Waste recycling vendors, can not use the sales value does not directly abandon. Direct disposal of these waste components directly on the local soil and water caused great destruction, there is information, each


Machine or computer monitors containing cathode ray tube an average of 4-8 pounds of lead. Once the lead contaminated soil would be a serious water will eventually harm humans, plants and microorganisms, but also on children’s brain development has a dramatic effect. An old


The cadmium batteries can be pollution, 60,000 liters of water, the water can be filled with three standard swimming pool. In a well-known e-waste recycling to


Guiyu, many migrant workers so infected with respiratory diseases, skin ulcers, while the other is a common disease, kidney stones.

Although various documents issued by several countries and by helping and supporting the formal policy of waste home appliances recycling, little is still effective, in April 2007, the government approved waste disposal unit of China Star Appliance Recycling Group

Environmental protection

Industrial Development Company Limited (commenced operations. In 2008, Beijing’s first focus on e-waste and waste sorting center appliance Han Jiachuan, Haidian District, was built and put into use. But recovered in the small traders under the impact of high prices, China Star green living have a great impact on the large, China Star, a green marketing department in an interview, Mr. Court said that the dismantling of many small and medium business, driven by the interests may also be used home appliances recycling of scrap sales, and the present state no sound legal provisions to provide for the quality standard system used home appliances, consumer interests will eventually be damaged. He suggested that environmental protection for the Chinese star to be a large recycling company preferential policies and support, while not included in the waste Appliance Recycling Directory of Company shall be resolutely banned, to prevent the waste from the source appliance re-enter the market.

Similarly, as the nation’s largest home appliance retailer Gome has maintained that all countries should strengthen the control of waste home appliances recycling


Bringing home appliances division director Wangjia Sen said in an interview, in order to protect the ultimate interests of consumers, hoping that the recovery of waste household appliances dismantling by the professional bodies to be destroyed from the physical point of view. Wangjia Sen said, there are some small recyclers regardless of social responsibility, recycling of waste will be re-assembled into the appliance market, these second-hand home appliances can not guarantee security issues may also arise on the ongoing impact of home appliances to the countryside. Wangjia Sen told reporters that the current recovery of our country may be close to 90 million household appliances, these appliances once again assembled through illegal channels into the market, its low price is likely to become very popular in the 23 markets, many rural consumers drive the price to buy These products not only affect the promotion of home appliances to the countryside, rural consumers will give a tremendous security risk.

Environmental protection into focus again

Enterprises should take social responsibility, consumers should be made on the environmental movement. China Star Marketing Department of Environmental Protection, Mr. Yuan also said that countries need to be a lot of publicity on recycling, waste electrical consumers about recycling in the small traders after being possible consequences on the environment. Experts have pointed out, currently the majority of consumers still very backward notion of environmental protection, many consumers in the waste disposal or household appliances driven by interests, often hundreds of dollars for the sake of the interests of waste household appliances will be sold to small traders, while the Experts also pointed out that large-scale professional recycling companies should not be at home waiting for a large number of discarded home appliances, small traders should learn, go to communities for recycling, environmental awareness at the same time convey to the minds of consumers to go for more, the only way to gradually solve the problems behind the public awareness of environmental protection.

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Quot;Optical Valley” Big Three build the largest reorganization of laser companies – Reorganiz

About 3 times, about 5 years, “Optics Valley of China” Laser focused on the three M & finally settled. Clearly, laser industry has already become one of the top four of the Chinese workers

Technology , Chutian Laser, Laser united together to form a new company, its size will exceed the Shenzhen Han’s Laser and “became the largest laser companies.”

Together to enhance the competitiveness of the Big Three

1 13, the signing of the merger agreement restructuring the statement, the chairman of Sun Yat Chutian laser excited several times raising his voice: “Today is a milestone in China’s laser industry day will be shocked the world laser field day! “

According to reports, the new listed company will choose an auspicious day, the three M & A specific way: Chinese workers and Technology through a private placement to raise funds 300,000,000 yuan, available funds, the Chinese laborers technology investment 100 million yuan, with the laser to be re-Chutian quality assets, joint venture, a joint venture by the Chinese laborers Technology Holdings, the main business of medical laser products; laborers technology investment 100 million yuan, and the unity of laser quality assets to be re-established joint venture, a joint venture by the Chinese laborers Technology Holdings, operates mainly in high-power cutting, Longitudinal flow laser products; laborers laborers laser technology capital increase to 100 million yuan, mainly

Investment Fiber Laser , Semiconductor Pump laser and other projects.

Reorganization is complete, “Optics Valley of China” laser industry, will focus on the core competitiveness of Chinese laborers to the listed company’s technology to form the main body of the three clear division of labor: Chinese laborers laser, Chinese workers and Chinese workers Chutian unity. Highlight the three core business, significant economies of scale, will form a leader, a division of labor and cooperation, a new pattern of industrial concentration.

Chairman Ma Xinjiang Science and Technology said Chinese workers, Chinese laborers after the reorganization of industrial laser technology will become the largest high-power laser

Equipment manufacturing Business, the first laser

Medical equipment Small and medium sized manufacturers and the first power laser equipment manufacturers, and international laser industry giants to contend with.

Signed the agreement in two weeks ago, Sun Yat-sen and his competitors?? Laborers Technology Chairman Ma Xinjiang as the central business representatives, along with being nominated for CCTV’s “China Year”, but ultimately unsuccessful.

An insider said: “If the agreement signed last year, at least one person to screen!” Indeed, despite all the domestic laser industry “leader”, but the relative size of other areas of their businesses that are much smaller. According to statistics, “Optics Valley of China” laser focus on the three companies last year’s sales total income of less than 1 billion yuan.

Goal: to expand the international market

“Not surprisingly, the new company after the reorganization will be officially launched in February this year, sales revenue is expected rushed to 1.2 billion years.” Wuhan East Lake Development Zone, revealed that a responsible person.

Chutian laser or before the reorganization of Asia’s largest manufacturer of medical laser products. But still ambitious sen, said: “Chinese workers are technology companies raise money through targeted support, the confidence to do that we will have double value for 5 consecutive years, further expansion into international markets.”

Few years ago, is sen optical transmission over a continuous R & D

Laser welding machine Not only replace a large number of import equipment, and successfully exported to the U.S. Silicon Valley, to achieve exports of developed countries, China’s laser “zero” breakthrough.

Chair the new company will be fully working Maxin Jiang also said that restructuring is complete, “Optics Valley of China” main laser industry will focus its technology to Chinese workers to form the main body of the three clear division of labor: Chinese laborers laser, Chinese workers and Chinese workers Chutian unity. The three companies will form a leader, a division of labor and cooperation, industrial concentration pattern of the laser industry, to build to the source of Huazhong University of technology, internationally competitive industry, a complete laser chain, so as to drive China’s laser industry group toward a more good direction.

Small Baotuan triggered “self”

Laborers science and technology in business planning and restructuring of the three laser focus, while mergers and acquisitions, “Optics Valley of China” the other dozens of small and medium enterprises have already begun planning for laser alignment to counter the dangers coming market. In mid-December 2006, the public and Thailand lasers, optoelectronics, Wuhan Lingyun bleomycin and 6 small laser company set up in Wuhan, “Wuhan laser? Light

Electronic Industry Alliance “, and began to accept other conditions for approval of the laser line business to join.

According to reports, the “China Optics Valley” is known as a barometer of China’s laser industry, now has developed into the largest laser research and development, production, and high-level personnel training as an important base, the existing more than 50 laser production more than 40 kinds of products, the domestic market share has remained at about 50%.

Laser for many small and medium enterprises, three laser giant restructuring will further aggravate “the upper and lower pincer attack” of survival: the giant laser to deal with large-scale competition, the next to suffer a small laser workshop of spoiler.

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Quot;Alternative” stationery toys so that students may not change Anson – toys, hot – the toy

“150 bags, writing case 88, 60 per cartoon pencil sets, automatic pencil sharpeners 55 yuan … …” look at this term to his son to buy stationery list, who lives in Wuhan city streets crossing the Miss Deng face frustration . Today, many simple and practical business stationery through the careful design, into a myriad of different, style novel, features many of the “toy of” stationery.

Meet the learning needs is the bounden duty of stationery, but the dazzling face of the market “alternative” stationery, we have to ask, expensive stationery to the children bring?

Student stationery is a trend of “entertainment”

Cap decorated with a variety of cartoon images of the pen, light up the pencil sharpener, can be deformed foot, with music, writing case … … in the vicinity of a primary school in Wuhan, a stationery shop, I saw several of these stationery Let’s an eye-opener, even after asking them to make sense of “mystery.”

It is understood that these “alternative,” the practicability of stationery is not strong, but in terms of form or additional functionality point of view, they all have gimmicks to attract children. This stationery, replacement very quickly, with the trend of change, the children have frequently replaced with your own stationery.

Stationery entertainment features with a gradual increase, their prices have gone up. After a brief glance at the stationery counter, both the nature of the stationery, toys, generally high price: 30 yuan general stationery, made a house, car and other shaped pencil sharpeners in more than 30 yuan, the most common student should be around 60 per bag, up to several hundred dollars higher, a vivid design, can play the rubber when the Cube actually sold more than 20 yuan.

In fact, the general price in all types of stationery stationery store is not the lack of a common pencil 0.5 yuan, 0.5 yuan a pencil sharpeners, ruler a 1 yuan, 5 yuan a writing case, pencil 2 yuan 1. However, these affordable stationery rarely attract the buyers. Sales staff told reporters, feature many, look pretty good in the high-end stationery not only sales, and profits high, businesses are willing to sell such stationery.

“Alternative” more harm stationery

Wuhan stationery counter in a mall before, is the third grade of Zhao head up to the mother, Ms. Lee said: “I have a student can play chess, there is also a small Games The writing case, I want to buy one! “” Buy it, the stationery is expensive; not to buy, the children did not feel that students in the face, do not concentrate on their studies. “Although too anxious, but the face of his son’s plea, Ms. Lee took out hundreds of dollars or a high price to buy stationery.

Increasingly popular high-end stationery to face the wind, as many parents and Ms. Lee into a dilemma, one side is looking forward to the eyes of children, one side is the increasingly heavy financial burden. “Other children have, if he is not, certainly will have inferiority complex, learning and growth are negative, as long as the requirements are not particularly excessive, parents are generally satisfied.” Ms. Li said.

However, these stationery is true, as parents, as expected, allow children to feel at ease to learn it? Wuhan Yucai school teachers Liqin Yu said that the child has a playful nature, easily attract fancy things, self-control is relatively poor, such school stationery for students desertion, each class comparisons of the “culprit.”

In addition, the reporter interviewed also found that a lot of lollipops, hamburgers look like rubber, the existence of a suffocating smell the aroma. In this regard, experts advise all parents in the purchase of stationery, make more from the child’s safety, health point of view, especially for young children, should avoid contact with such as stationery, so that bacteria enter the mouth, diarrhea caused disease.

To create a healthy learning environment for children

Many teachers complained that, while many schools expressly prohibit students go to school with bizarre stationery, but with little success.

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Quot;Appliances to the countryside” Standard Game: Who’s involved in the development? – Br

Department of Commerce: a state inspection certification of product quality, more secure and reduce the worries of rural buyers.

Small household appliances enterprises: To meet the state exempt from this standard is unreasonable, in violation of the principle of free competition, is to favor white goods business.

At the moment, the Legislative Branch facilities like the weather in Beijing feeling as cold and gloomy. Legislative Branch is the Ningbo Cixi Shi Wanbao Electric Company’s vice president, he Zhejiang north, into the Ministry of Commerce of the door, hoping to give their enterprises, “Ogilvy Ke” brand refrigerator home appliances to the countryside to find the policy involved the opportunity to reflect ” appliances to the countryside, “the proposal, the receptionist said the bidding was over, he had to leave quietly.

Home appliances in China Association, the Legislative Branch facilities met the person in charge, but after some dialogue, he is still no solution to the problem. In the end, he reluctantly returned to Zhejiang.

2007 12 late Shi Li suddenly informed that the Ministry of Commerce Division Ministry of Finance jointly launched the “home appliances to the countryside” project, will be in Henan, Shandong and Sichuan provinces on the purchase of the specified brand models of color TV, refrigerator, freezer, and mobile phones for 13 % of financial subsidies. But this time the bidding is over, “Ogilvy Ke” not had time to participate in the bidding. List of successful companies, including refrigerators Haier, Hisense, Aucma, a new fly, Meiling and other famous brands.

Standard-setting: inviting small business participation in the discussion

Be rated as a “foreign unprecedented” government subsidies works, “home appliances to the countryside” project put on from the very careful, including the Ministry of Commerce of the subsidies high standards for household appliances. These requirements also caused controversy in the industry.

According to report, the introduction of the standard tendering process generally: First organized by the Ministry of Commerce, industry experts developed the draft standard, and then by the Chinese appliance associations to discuss and revise related companies, after repeated discussions and several rounds of changes, ultimately determined by the Department of Commerce standards.

The refrigerator, for example, the standard of this one of the organizers to discuss the Secretary-General Jiang Feng of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, told reporters: being invited to participate in the standard discussion of as many as a dozen consumer electronics companies, Haier, Hisense, the more Meiling Large manufacturers naturally invited to take part, but also no shortage of smaller enterprises, “more representative of domestic companies were invited, and should be said that the scope is quite broad.”

According to a successful business

say, not winning the majority of enterprises are unknowingly missed.

“We have repeatedly engaged in discussions on product standards tender, but also very positive, for access to the initiative.” A successful business person in charge told reporters.

Standard game: the threshold where the benefit in the enterprise?

Standard seminar to discuss the issue of a wide range of interests in various businesses out of their own aspirations, but also have different suggestions. “National exemption product requirements of this request is the Ministry of Commerce, their demands have been relatively high, but also the business requirements within the limited brand in China.” Jiang Feng said, but the proposal was not accepted by the Ministry of Commerce, because “to consider to this restriction is too severe, and the number of products to bid too little. “

“Beginning of the standards set by the Ministry of Commerce have some unreasonable, such as the production company asked the refrigerator 800 million, which is obviously unreasonable, because, according to this standard, almost no company can meet.” The participation of responsible business seminar told reporters after the company pointed out that various finally canceled after this one, and no longer limit the capacity of enterprises.

In fact, the more the discussion focused on products in the bid to set targets on various parameters. “For example, set some targets not be justified, proposed amendments to, or need to set some targets should have but did not expect, companies also proposed to add.

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Minnesota’s Education Initiative

There’s something new going on in some school districts. In Minnesota, for example, the newest development is an “alternative system for evaluating and paying teachers”, known as the “Q Comp program”, and has now been joined by an additional seven school districts and another 23 charter schools in the state. This brings the total participation to 51 school districts and 54 charter schools, including a few in the larger metro areas. This “education initiative” was enacted by Gov. Tim Pawlenty and is seeing fruition in his last month of office.

The tech revolution continues to sweep the nation in tons of classrooms everywhere. The Minnesota Department of Education has taken a front-row seat in integrating tech in the classroom. The Department is using the popular application, iTunes, in collaboration with its parent company, to upload “state approved lessons for teachers and preschool through high school students,” said Pawlenty.

Those that participate are given an additional $ 260 per student from the state and “additional levy authority.” Combined, that means the participating districts are receiving 4 million dollars. Those in the Q Comp program follow the prescribed system of development and evaluation for teachers with the caveat that teachers evaluate each other’s performance. Another stipulation is that a teacher’s pay will be linked to their student’s test scores.

These changes hearkened to President Barack Obama’s grant program named “Race to the Top”, however Minnesota did not receive any money from the grant at that time.

Teachers are apprehensive about their pay being based on student performance, said Julia Blaha, the chapter president of the teachers union in Anoka-Hennepin. However, they do like the idea of getting feedback from their professional peers. Peer evaluation is a three times a year assessment of their teaching performance, with at least one assessment coming from a teacher who taught the same subject.

With an increasingly tech-savvy generation on their hands, school officials and law makers decided to join by adding teaching lessons andlearning online. It will act as a go between source for both teachers and students; for teachers, a resource for lessons, and for students, a type of digital library. All uploads by teachers or students will go through a screening process to see if they meet the state standard for education and are appropriate for each audience section.

So far, nearly 700 files have been uploaded and can be accessed at any time. They can range anywhere from “algebra lessons to a behind-the-scenes look at the Minnesota Zoo.” Those in the department expect to see a rise in the amount of data collected as more participate in the Q comp program.

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Video Evaluation in Minnesota Schools

Minnesota is going to be the first state to bring forth a new way of evaluating teachers. This is going to be through video monitoring. The current way schools evaluate teachers is through written tests and passing their class work.  How was this current method of evaluating teachers even acceptable in the past? This would not be an effective method of evaluating how teachers interact with students.

 The main objective a teacher has is to teach as much information to a student as possible in the years time they have them as a student and for that student to retain the information and be able to use it. For us to think it’s acceptable to evaluate our children’s teachers by a test score and a curriculum plan is ridiculous. How do we know if they are effectively teaching the students based solely on teachers intentions? Teachers are protected by a union, which makes it difficult to get rid of bad teachers. If we had a better way of evaluating their affect on students we might be able to get rid of the teachers that are wasting our kids time in their classrooms.

The union rejected the evaluation of teachers based on the students test scores, saying that didn’t relate to the teachers teaching, but this new way of evaluating directly is related to teaching styles and how effective their teaching methods are. This video evaluation records clips of teacher lesson plans and how they interact with the students, hoe they deliver their lesson plan, how they individualize the lesson plan to each students different learning speeds and abilities and if it is affective. This is a much better way of seeing how effective a teacher is teaching our children.

This is much smarter for schools to evaluate teachers this way because this will help eliminate the “bad seeds” in the faculty for the schools that adopt this evaluation method. The school will be able to see which teachers are going above and beyond to deliver excellent lesson plans, teach their students effectively and challenge the students. The less bad teachers a school has, the higher the ratings will be for that school. Its very important to have great school ratings so that more parents will trust that their kids are learning as much as they can and retaining the information because of the quality of teachers that school has. 

The school will hire “teacher evaluators” to come in and evaluate the teachers one by one to determine if they are good teachers and if they are effectively teaching the students. This will make it less biased when determining their strong and weak points since there is no emotional connection or direct relationship between the teacher and the hired “teacher evaluators.”

This program will launch in 2012 and Massachusetts, Tennessee, Washington and Ohio will be taking on this new evaluation method as well. We will soon begin to see a change across the nations schools as the bad teachers are weeded out and schools ratings go up!

 For more information please visit Minnesota School Rankings and Public School Ratings

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Minnesota School Ratings and Public School Rankings

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